Rethink blockchain with Ledgerless Blockchain™ technology
Breaking Blockchain has developed the Independent Blockchain Protocol to ensure machine identity, regulatory compliance, geographic enforcement, and quantum-proof encryption utilizing standard algorithmic technologies with less than 1% client overhead.
Machine identity
The Independent Blockchain Protocol (IBP) is machine aware. User credentials can be stolen, but applications built using IBP are aware whether they are transferring data to and from their user-confirmed client access device.
Ledgerless Blockchain™ technology enables the IBP to rotate encryption keys with every message sent. This unique methodology offers encryption with no known real or theoretical hack, even from a theoretical quantum computer.
Geographic data enforcement
Ensure regulatory compliance with geographic schemas. Define an immutable geographic schema that requires data to be geographically aware and appropriately located before it can be decrypted for use.
Complementary to traditional fraud detection systems
The Independent Blockchain Protocol does not replace fraud and intrusion detection systems. It reduces the overhead on those systems, ensures regulatory compliance, and proactively deactivates unverified data transfers.
Breaking Blockchain is an early-stage startup
We have the technology, we can demonstrate the technology. We are currently testing the IBP in consumer applications. We are actively pursuing customers and partners that want to reduce the world of digital fraud, ensure compliance with governmental and regulatory bodies, and lower the overhead of doing so.
The future is now
There is a perpetual truth in the future being at our doorstep. If your company needs to regain control of its data security and regulatory destiny, we may be able to help.
Breaking Blockchain - an enterprise blockchain startup

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